Surgeon Simulator 2013 Game

Surgeon Simulator 2013 – A laughably clumsy surgery simulator that feels like the Chuckle Brothers does medical school

Semi-Serious Surgery

It isn’t very often that you have risky surgery, but when/if the time comes, you would want to be sure that your life is in the hands of a surgeon with a wealth of experience that has operated on hundreds, if not thousands of people. If you like to live a little on the wild side, however, perhaps you would be ok with laying down on the table in Surgeon Simulator 2013. This one is a tongue-in-cheek simulation of surgery from head to toe (and any other bits you may feel the need to sever accidentally), and the hyper-realistic controls are almost like the game’s punch line. If you have prepared yourself for a serious, sensible surgery experience then you may wish to rethink your decisions, both in your choice of games appropriate to your preferences and also in life in general. This may just be the demo to a much longer game, but playing this for five minutes should give you all you need to know about the game. Love it or hate it, this is surgery is Bossa Studios’ take on the operating room, for better or for worse.

Deceptively Flawed

On the face of it, Surgeon Simulator 2013 looks to be a fairly straight-laced surgery simulator that gives you more control over each and every movement of the surgeon’s hand than any other game could hope to offer. The problem is, this level of control is also the game’s biggest problem. The operations consist of a top-down view of the patient as he/she lays on the operating table, and a single hand hovering out over the patient, ready for you to control it. The control system allows you to control each finger and the thumb individually using the A, W,E, R buttons for the fingers and the Spacebar to control the thumb; the height, angle, and rotation of the hand is controlled with the mouse. It may sound like the level of realism that you’re hoping for, but in reality, the level of control results in a clumsy experience from start to finish. If you were hoping for some glossy and dramatic surgery scenes like in Grey’s Anatomy

, you are definitely going to be disappointed.

Floor is Where the Heart Is

So you’ve got to perform a heart transplant. Better take all the necessary precautions and go about the whole process carefully, right? Wrong. You are expected simply to wave your hand around in a semi-aimless fashion, grabbing at the tools that you think may be required for the job. No training. No tutorial. The game simply plunges you straight into the OR without as much as a set of objectives to aim for. Though this can be fun for a very short while, it soon becomes tiring, and you all but ignore how much blood the patient is losing or the fact that you just splatted a perfectly good transplant heart on the floor due to a cumbersome control system and some sub-par physics.

I’m not sure what kind of mood you would have to be in to enjoy Surgeon Simulator 2013 from start to finish, but I know for a fact that most would be much more pleased with a control system akin to that of Amateur Surgeon 2 that actually allows you full control over the items in your hand. Surgeon Simulator 2013 (demo version or not) lacks the structure and guidance of other free-to-play flash games like Operate Now! Appendix Surgery, and is in general a fairly disappointing experience that is good for a few laughs at the expense of a dying patient and nothing more.